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One of the most important objectives of standardization in the printing industry is the definition and implementation of satisfying customers' color reproduction control standards at the stages of prepress, proof and production printing. Currently, most printers have developed their own guidelines and methodology for assessing the quality of color reproduction. Industry standards assessment, there are also, with the previously existing densitometric norm now replaced colorimetric. The most advanced printers use modern standards, one of which is ISO 12647. The experts Additioncirculation preparation UPAK group of companies have the expertise to control the printing process. Using the necessary software and hardware to make compensation deviation of basic parameters of the printing process from the standard. Highly qualified specialists UPAK group of companies in the field of color separation, color correction allows for effective and accurate implementation of the demands of our customers. The possibility of organizing the correction of color separation layout of the customer under its own printing process. All this allows to achieve the main goal - a stable, uniform and high quality printing performance products.




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