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The group of companies "UPAK" includes within its structure a unique combination of companies perform the full range of services for prepress production manufactures packaging for various goods, both food and industrial sectors.

Using small quantities of standard press inks and substrates of proofer both checks the cylinder engraving quality and the same time produces a representative print to submit to the customer for approval before making the print run. Range of press sizes available to suit every sector of the gravure printing industry from narrow web security printing through packaging printing to wide web decorative and publication printing.

We know flexographic printing plates. If you need flexographic printing plates for a plastic wrapper, we've got you covered. If you need layout for a package or box design, we can do that too.
UPAK Graphics has a photopolymer plate product for any type of flexographic printing.
We produce a superior product at a reasonable cost, with service that will exceed your expectations on a consistent basis.

It is the main production process, which is able to meet a wide range of requirements imposed by our customers, to result in a quality packaging.

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Спектр услуг компании включает профессиональную допечатную подготовку любого уровня сложности, изготовление цветопроб с имитацией различных запечатываемых материалов, производство фотополимерных клише на материалах, подходящих печатному процессу

UPAK, we have formed a modern Prepress department, staffed with experts gravure printing, which have all the necessary skills to achieve the best results for our clients.

We can handle any electronic format (Mac or PC), the creation of digital evidence on high-quality paper that are true to the final product. Thus, we offer our customers the opportunity to know exactly what the final product will look like before it is printed, allowing the process to work efficiently and in a timely manner.

One of the most important objectives of standardization in the printing industry is the definition and implementation of satisfying customers' color reproduction control standards at the stages of prepress, proof and production printing. Currently, most printers have developed their own guidelines and methodology for assessing the quality of color reproduction. Industry standards assessment, there are also, with the previously existing densitometric norm now replaced colorimetric.

Prototype - preparation of future packaging of your product is made on the computer and takes into account the specifics of the press in the printing industry. Artwork created for the realization of your conceptual design of packaging and their main task is to transfer the full design of the customer for quality prints in a printing house.

Спектр услуг компании включает профессиональную допечатную подготовку любого уровня сложности, изготовление цветопроб с имитацией различных запечатываемых материалов, производство фотополимерных клише на материалах, подходящих печатному процессу

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